Welcome to The Closet Buying Guide.

Below you will find info about buying near-new fashion at Closet Inn.

Buyers, we hope you will find lots of near-new, good quality fashion for everyday wear or your next special occasion. We know you will love the prices! Shop the brands you know and love; choose from thousands of items at your fingertips. We accept only good quality items; they must meet our high standard so you can trust you'll be happy with the quality of what you're buying. Currently we sell women's clothes, shoes and handbags, and will soon expand to include men's and children's clothes.

If you still have questions after reading our buying and selling guides, please don't hesitate to email us for more information (info@closetinn.com). We aim to please!

We accept only good quality items; they must meet our high standard so you can trust you'll be happy with the quality of what you're buying. We employ skilled staff that thoroughly inspects each item before we list it for sale. Poor quality or items that are dirty, torn, and/or damaged are rejected and will not be accepted or posted on the Closet Inn website as for sale. We also do our best to accurately describe items that are for sale. All items sold are photographed. We do our best to photograph items true to colour.
The strikethrough price is the estimated recommended retail price for the item if it was bought new and before any discounts. Closet Inn does its best to research prices for specific or similar items in order to arrive at an estimate as to what items would cost if bought from a retailer that stocks the specific brand but we do not guarantee that this information is accurate or correct. Buyers should do their own research before buying an item from Closet Inn.
Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information. If the item is not what you expected or does not fit, a refund may be possible, or we may offer to substitute it with another item. As each of our clothing items are a one-off it is not possible to replace the item.
Please refer to our sizing chart. Closet Inn cannot guarantee any item will be true to size, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that any item will fit you.
No, items that you select are not reserved exclusively for you, they remain for sale to everyone so be sure to buy quickly to avoid being disappointed.
You can enter a discount code, once you view your shopping cart before the checkout. Once you’ve typed in your discount code, make sure you click, “Apply Coupon Code”.
Items sold in Canada, including online, attract 5% GST. Prices quoted include GST.
Any registed user, who presents a work, which is genuine and appealing, can post it on PrepBootstrap.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Register an account
  • Activate your account
  • Go to the Themes section and upload your theme
  • The next step is the approval step, which usually takes about 72 hours.
Here, at PrepBootstrap, we offer a great, 70% rate for each seller, regardless of any restrictions, such as volume, date of entry, etc.
There are a number of reasons why you should join us:
  • A great 70% flat rate for your items.
  • Fast response/approval times. Many sites take weeks to process a theme or template. And if it gets rejected, there is another iteration. We have aliminated this, and made the process very fast. It only takes up to 72 hours for a template/theme to get reviewed.
  • We are not an exclusive marketplace. This means that you can sell your items on PrepBootstrap, as well as on any other marketplate, and thus increase your earning potential.
The best way to transfer funds is via Paypal. This secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.
Our standard payment plan provides for monthly payments. At the end of each month, all accumulated funds are transfered to your account. The minimum amount of your balance should be at least 70 USD.
Selling an item is very easy! Here’s how it’s done: 
List an item.
  • Upload a few great photos of the item, write a detailed description, and set your item price
  • Listing is free.
  • Listing more than one item helps you sell faster.
Build your profile.
  • Set up a profile on Closet Inn and verify your account.
  • Adding a profile description and picture helps you build trust.
Wait for buyers.
  • Be ready to answer all questions from buyers.
  • You’ll be notified about all the purchase steps that buyer has made.
It’s sold! Time to ship
  • Pack your item. A personal touch is always nice.
  • Ship the item with the tracking no of his parcel 
  • Follow the instructions for shipping, but be sure you ship the item within the 5 days from purchase. 
Do not send items that are non-clothing or fashion items such as toys, phone cases, home wear, books, etc. You don’t send items that are undesirable, fake brands, themed clothing or clothing displaying inappropriate or offensive messages, words or images, outdated and old-fashioned items (with the exception of some high-quality vintage clothing). Currently we sell women’s, kid’s boy and girls’ clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.
If your clothes do not sell within five weeks of listing, Closet Inn, at its discretion, may decide to reduce the listing price by up to 50%. If the item remains unsold for a total of 12 weeks, Closet Inn will remove the online listing.
A safe integrated payment method on Closet Inn is PayPal.
After a buyer makes their purchase using a PayPal their payment are kept safe on Closet Inn until the buyer confirms that their item has arrived and it matches the description. The payment will be released to the seller’s after 2 working days after the order’s status updates to Delivered.
If an order is suspended, it may mean one of the following:
  • The buyer received an item that is significantly not as described, or
  • The order never arrived, or
  • The parcel was damaged in transit

In the cases above, funds are released to the seller only if the issues are resolved (for example, when the order finally arrives at the buyer’s address) or if it appears that the buyer made a mistake and that the item actually matches its description.